Find the Best HVAC Contractors in Wilmington, NC

Looking for the most popular heating and air contractors Wilmington NC has to offer? We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best to help you get your heating or air conditioning issues sorted – pronto! All of these heat pump and air conditioner companies are based in the Wilmington Wrightsville Beach Carolina Beach, Castle Hayne, and Rocky Point area. They are all on hand to install, repair and help you maintain your heating or A/C unit.

  • Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat was established in 2009 and aims to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Their brush and vacuum equipment will keep your air clean and free from pollutants, as well as decreasing fire risks.

Beat the Heat offer a range of services for your A/C and heater, include air duct cleaning, A/C installation, heater installation as well as a wide range of repairs for A/C, thermostat and heaters. They also service commercial kitchen equipment, as well as restaurant maintenance and repair.

They service all of Wilmington and the surrounding area and can be easily contacted via their website

For a better idea on the services that all qualified central air repair companies should offer and how to find the right HVAC service company, watch the following video

  • O’Brien Service-Company

The O’Brien Service-Company is a locally owned heating and air conditioning business, established in 1981. They provide a full range of heating and air services, from A/C or heater installation to maintenance and repairs.

With a range of highly qualified and experienced technicians, O’Brien is well equipped to take care of your heating or AC issues. Their customer service is phenomenal and their commitment to satisfaction evident in all their work.

Services include heating installation, maintenance and repair, and A/C installation, maintenance and repair. Their website contains heating and A/C tips if you are having trouble, as well as contact details.

  • Wilmington Air

Wilmington Air is loved by many thanks to their years of experience and highly skilled technicians. They know the importance of great customer service, and you can be sure they will go above and beyond to get your heating or A/C sorted.

The huge number of positive reviews on Wilmington Air’s website says all you need to know about this company. They are loved for their professional service, friendly technicians and helpful attitudes towards their customers.

Wilmington Air’s services include repair, maintenance, and replacement of systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilation installation, air ducts and furnaces and a focus on indoor air quality. Get a free quote from their website

  • All-Comfort Heating & Cooling

With the aim of keeping your family comfortable, All-Comfort Heating & Cooling offer a range of services to make the air in your home healthy and happy!

All Comfort know that purchasing a new heater or A/C unit can feel like a mammoth task, and they’re committed to making that first step stress-free. They also offer full A/C repair, maintenance and installation, as well as the same for heaters.

When it comes to A/C and heating systems, All Comfort will give you a free estimate on the unit they recommend and are committed to helping you get the best value for money. Their units come with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind, and their technicians are both friendly and knowledgeable. Contact All Comfort Heating and Cooling via their website

  • Anderson Air

Anderson Air is another company who shine when it comes to A/C and heating. The rave reviews on their website say it all – this company is committed to providing professional and friendly service, at great prices. They also offer emergency service and after-hours appointments in case you can’t wait.

Anderson Air’s services include services and maintenance, installation and upgrades. They service all makes and models of heaters and A/Cs and are a certified Duke Energy contractor.

Serving Wilmington NC and the surrounding area, Anderson Air is open 7.30-5pm, with an after-hours emergency service number available. They also offer a free consultation via their website.

  • Jerry-&-Son Heating & Air

Another family run business, Jerry-&-Son Heating and Air are professional, friendly and reliable. They are always eager to take on new clients and are loved by around the Wilmington area.

Jerry & Son offer heating, ventilation and cooling repair services and will also help you with installation and maintenance. They service both residential and commercial spaces, making them a fantastic all-rounder for any heating or A/C issues.

Jerry & Son will come to you and examine your unit. They will offer you an estimate that provides good value for money and will ensure your needs are met. The company has been in business since 2005, and will happily provide discounts for their regular clients. Contact them via their website

  • Total-Comfort Services Heating & Air Conditioning

Here is yet another hugely popular choice for HVAC installation and services. They are an independent American business, launched in 1989 and have continued to provide excellent service since then.

Their services include installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair, alongside air quality control and home automation. Their technicians are friendly and experienced, and they offer fantastic value for money.

Total Comfort Services have a full list of coupons on their website. They can inform you of money-saving tips, such as manufacturer’s rebates, federal tax credits, and utility rebates. They offer same-day service, seven days a week. Contact TCS via their website

  • Airmax Heating & Cooling

Last on the list we’ve got Airmax Heating and Cooling, who offer leading HVAC repair and services in Wilmington NC.

Airmax have been on the radar since 2001. They are highly experienced, friendly and considerate, with a huge number of positive testimonials to their name. Their positive reputation is predominantly because they listen to their customers, respecting busy schedules with their on-time, convenient service.

Airmax offer upfront pricing, with no hidden charges or fees. They do not charge by the hour – if the job takes 4 hours, it costs the same as if it takes 1. They use flat rate pricing and you will be told the cost before anyone starts work on your unit.


Heating and air contractors in Wilmington, NC is easy to find and generally have excellent customer service. The majority offer same-day, emergency appointments and will help you figure out a maintenance plan to suit you. Ensure your heating and air contractors are fully insured, and read the testimonials on their website before you commit.

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