5 Best Used Truck Dealerships in Columbia, SC

Finding new and used pickup trucks for sale in Columbia SC is very easy as long you have the right information and if you know your specifications. However, it is imperative that you do enough market research on the quality, features and the price of the new or used truck before making up your mind on what kind of truck to buy. This mostly applies when deciding on whether to buy a used truck or not since you need information to determine the year of manufacturing, model type, the mileage covered, accessories like leather seats or alloy wheels and the general condition of the pickup truck. Used cars are not all sold for the same reason; sellers have different reasons for putting their Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or Dodge Ram up for sale for example.

For a little guide on some trucks that you should stay away from and not purchase, watch the following video:

Consequently, when you are in a market for a new truck or a used one, you are driven by many factors. So, what exactly might you be looking for? Do you need a truck to carry around small tidings but at the same time take your children to school, do you need a sports utility truck or do you need a strong and reliable truck that can serve you for long? Most of the places selling trucks in Columbia, SC provide a wide range of trucks to choose from which include Chevrolet, Buick, Hyundai, Lexus, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Ford. Most automotive centers in Columbia, SC have all these collections with some posting over 400 used cars. Currently, over five dealers are available in the area providing a wide variety of quality trucks. To find these automobiles just go the best used car dealers websites and type in the vehicle you want. For example, you can type in “used truck” with a description used in 2010 for a transmission automatic, color white or color silver. Their websites will then pull up all the trucks in their inventory that matched your search criteria.


Finding trucks in this area has been made possible and easier thanks to technology. The first and best step to follow when choosing trucks whether used or new is to first look at the current online platforms that have all truck dealers’ vehicles posted on their website. This is practically online window shopping where you can navigate through the site to find the truck that fits your needs or requirements. The online platform is most useful when searching for the best-used trucks since they have an online inventory that allows you to narrow down your search by determining your preferences and locating where they are among the many dealers. Through the selection process, one can narrow down the search by looking for trucks basing on the year of manufacture and the model type. 

The sites are very flexible as they also allow you to search for trucks manufactured for over ten years. Ones you have selected the car model, the site can also allow you to refine it further according to price, the drive train or even the engine type. Price is the biggest determinant of the type of truck one wants. With money, you literally can buy the best truck out there, but because of its scarcity, you have to sieve through the available cars to see which ones match your price and how good it is in the end. 

Jim Hudson Automotive group

Apart from being the biggest car sellers in the area, they boast of having one of the best online platforms for one to search his or her desired trucks. The platform provides a huge selection field of both cars and trucks reaching up to of 400 used vehicles in Columbia, SC. The firm tends also to include certified vehicles and vehicles used by only one owner.

The convenience of online websites

Ones you have chosen the truck you want according to your specifications and price, online vehicle websites easily provide you with all the necessary information on such trucks and also inform you the kind of dealership that has that kind of truck in Columbia, SC. The platform is very flexible since it allows you to schedule a test drive according to your timeline and also request for a quote from the dealers. Interestingly, most of the car dealers have a financial package that allows you to buy a car on loan. You can pay a specific amount after which you pay the remainder of the cash in installments. 

www.carsforsale.com is an online platform that lists all the vehicles for sale in Columbia, SC. Ones you get into the site, you select the type of vehicle you want. For example, currently, there are over 222 cheap trucks for sale in Columbia, SC. They include 2006 Mitsubishi Raider Ls sold at $4,800, 2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 at $3,995, 2005 Ford Ranger XL at $4,990 and a 2004 Mazda B-SeriesTruckB2300 at $3,500. If you are interested, say in either of these trucks all you have to do is look at specs, check the price and find the location where they are sold. This is how convenient technology has made car buying and selling to be. You don’t have to physically move from one dealer to the next searching for the right truck.

Truck dealership Financial Package

Every automotive dealership has its financial package or consideration. Although you can pay the whole amount if you want, some dealers have truck payment plans which allow you to pay for the truck in installments for a specified period. Other dealers also engage the services of financial intermediaries such as banks to aid in credit selling of trucks. For example, we have CarMax Auto finance in Columbia, SC that grants customers with good crediting rating the opportunity to buy vehicles on credit after paying the installment. 

You have to pay the down payment first after which the balance is paid after every month. The charges are subject to government or state taxes, legal and other fees, and title fees. A good credit rating is determined by having a long period of credit history which is positive and also having the current credit rating being at the lowest percentage volume. If you have a credit rating of 6 to 3%, then the probability of getting auto finance from the dealers is very easy.

5 Best Used Truck Dealerships in Columbia, SC:

1. CarMax

The automotive dealer is the leading truck seller in Columbia, SC with a wide variety of trucks for you to choose from. Currently, they’re selling the 2018 Ram 1500SLT at $ 27,998 which has already covered 11K miles.

The dealer is also selling the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500LS truck at % 24,998 and the 2016 Ford F150 XLT truck at $ 29,998 with a mileage of 25K

CarMax is located at:

555 Jamil Road 

Columbia, SC 29210 

(803) 740-5961

2. Stivers Chevrolet

By far this is the second-best car dealership company in this area where it provides different new Chevrolet trucks and other truck models that have been used.

Currently, they are selling the 2019 Chevy Colorado 4WD Z71 at $ 37,208.

Other trucks currently viable for sale include the 2019 Chevy Colorado 2WD Z71 at $ 36,151 and the 2019 Chevy Colorado 2WD LT at $ 36, 652

Contact information:

11 Newland Rd 

Columbia, SC 29229 


Enterprise Car Sales

The automotive car dealer provides a wide range of cars for you to choose from according to your needs and financial limitation. The dealer sells a wide range of used trucks from different models that can suit your experience and requirements. The online platform is very efficient since it allows you to directly purchase trucks, seek bad credit financing and also schedule your truck testing time. Since it provides a wide range to chose from, one is not burdened by the hustle of moving from a single truck dealer to another looking for the exact model he or she wants. Some of the used trucks it currently has for sale are the 2013 RAM 1500 2WD Crew Cab 140.5 which has covered a mileage of 65K. The truck is currently sold at $ 20, 198 with no transfer fees. It also provides a platform for you to compare prices across the area.

Other trucks sold by the dealer include the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD Crew Cab 128.3 LT going at $ 25, 198 and the 2016 Ford F-150 2WD SuperCrew going at $30,198.

Contact information:

320 Greystone Blvd

Columbia, SC 29210, USA


Godwin Motors

Godwin motors are also one of the best dealers in this area offering quality used cars. Its online platform is very effective in explaining to you why most people buy used cars. The ability to save a lot of money by buying a used truck that is well maintained is reason enough to buy any truck. The online platform explains how they try to make their trucks look as good as new not only in appearance but in terms of performance in the long run. Some of the trucks being sold currently include the 2010 Fords F-150 at $ 18, 699. 

Oher trucks on market include the 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 at $13,600 and the 2014 Nissan Titan at $ 16, 225.

Contact information:

4032 W Beltline Blvd

Columbia, SC 29204, USA


Shealy Truck

Shealy truck sells new and used heavy-duty trucks, unlike the above trucks. When purchasing new heavy-duty trucks, you have to place a special quote request to get information on price. The firm has a variety of trucks that are mainly used for commercial purposes depending on your business operations. Some of the current trucks on sale include the 2015 Mack Granite GU713 which is going at $ 130,000.00. This is mainly used as a dump truck. The 2015 Mack Sleeper Axle Forward is also up for sale going at $ 73, 500 and the 2014 Western Star 4900 SB going at $ 69,500.

Contact Information:

1340 Bluff Rd

Columbia, SC 29201


All these dealers have their set truck prices, but the choice of truck rests on you as the buyer depending on your needs.

For more information on trucks, cars, and SUVs and the dealerships that sell them, be sure to read the following related articles.

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